About Transcending Violence - Days of August" Programming Ideas for Summer Camps
August 6th to August 9th
Transcending Violence and the Future of the Planet
Commemorating the Hiroshima and Nagasaki Bombings
Days of Awareness, Reflection and Dialogue

There are several million young people in summer camps in the United States, and thousands of camping staff looking for high quality programs that will inspire, educate, and build character. This project is designed to provide access to variety of activity options that can be integrated into a thematic four day program. The combination and progression of rich, meaningful, and fun experiences can raise consciousness, deepen understanding, and stimulate ceative thinking about important issues of our time, including our nuclear legacy, all forms of violence, the environment, human rights, and the future of the planet for our children. The emphasis will be on violence prevention, cultural awareness, and conflict transformation.

Our website will provide are easily accessible programming ideas, materials, scripts, and instructions for these four days. Materials can be adapted to the particular religious, spiritual, philosophical, and political orientation of each camp that uses it. There can also be specifically
developed materials using various religious sources about peace and nonviolence. This can also be used all year round to provide ideas for youth leaders, educators, and speakers with ideas for assemblies, workshops, and other activities.

About Humanchainreaction.org

Humanchainreaction.org is home to a variety of activites and projects that are committed to a transcendant, outside-the-box, new paradigm approach to human problems which affect the future of life on the planet. We are committed to using creative, inspiring, and psychologically sound programs to raise consciousness in a useful and appealing way.

We promote awareness of practical, proven approaches of nonviolent conflict transformation that been demonstrated to be effective in addressing human problems in a way that not only prevents violence, but also addresses the reasons for the violence and uses win-win solutions improve conditions for those on all sides of a conflict.

We are committed to the well being of the next generation and all future generations - our human chain. We are profoundly aware that what we do now will determine whether our children grow up in a world with major global institions with great power in preventing violence and finding optimal ways to transform conflicts, or they will grow up in a world with massive proliferation of nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons, weapons in space, and nuclear anarchy. They will grow up in a world with a gradual improvement and repair of environmental damage or in a toxic world with increasinfg disease, extinctions, flooding, chaotic weather patterns.

We recognize that what is needed is a proliferation of consciousness. As a human chain reaction our method is to find uplifting ways of teaching, inspiring, and appealing to our higher natures to protect life.

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